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Jmp ingenieros has designed and developed for Cleanwood Technology “ZEROB”, a radio wave barrel disinfection machine, capable of inerting and regenerating the wood of the barrels. 

This project arises from another one carried out by Jmp in 2007 and that Cleanwood Technology has resumed to fully adapt it to the world of wine.

The disinfection and cleaning of the barrels is one of the major concerns facing the wine sector, due to the ecological and economic impact it entails. Traditionally, cleaning techniques are based on the wick, which basically consists of burning sulfur inside the barrel, something that since 2022 will be prohibited under the directive of the European Commission (Directive 98/8 / CE2).

The research is focused on the search for ecological alternatives to eliminate yeasts, especially "brettanomyces", which cause unpleasant odors and alter the taste of the wine. This yeast is characterized by low fermentative activity and slow growth, which allows it to go unnoticed in the early stages of winemaking.

The technology developed by Jmp ingenieros “ZEROB” is based on the use of Microwave Shok Pulse (MwSP), high frequency electromagnetic pulses through a uniform, homogeneous and controlled pattern, which is capable of completely eliminating populations of unwanted microorganisms present in the barrels.

Among its benefits, it is worth mentioning the saving of water and energy consumption due to its methodology and speed. In cycles of less than 3 minutes, a barrel can be completely disinfected and regenerated. In addition, this solution is the only methodology that keeps the wood intact, extending its useful life by 50%. Numerous laboratory analyzes have shown with certainty the complete disappearance of brettanomyces in the treated barrels.





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