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Last week, a team of engineers from Jmp ingenieros and Inclusivity has operated for the first time an algorithm on Quantum Computer IBM-Q at the National Thinktic Reference Center in La Rioja (Spain)

Quantum Computing is a different computing paradigm from classical computing. It is based on the use of Cúbits instead of bits, and give rise to new logical gates that make new algorithms possible., y dar lugar a nuevas puertas lógicas que hacen posibles nuevos algoritmos.

The same task may have different complexities in quantum computing and classical computing, which has given rise to great expectations, since some intractable problems become treatable.

Eduardo Remírez, CEO of Jmp ingenieros declared after the course that "it is part of an initiative to adapt and create a new team in Quantum Computing in both companies (Jmp ingenieros & Inclusivity) and, frankly speaking, I am very proud and satisfied with have been part of this evolution "

The Quantum Computer is going to change the world we know in so many ways, that the ones that really matter are those we haven´t yet been able to imagine.




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